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Welcome to Clayworks Woodfired Pizza Ovens

W imageelcome to the wonderful world of relaxed, alfresco dining. For a great gathering place on those balmy summer evenings and a fun, warm way to entertain in cooler times - nothing beats the versatility, ambience and sheer enjoyment value of your own Clayworks Wood Fired Oven.

Here at Clayworks Woodfired Ovens we strive to bring you high quality woodfired pizza ovens and kits ranging from the back yard to commercial units, helpful hints, plus all the information to enable you to get the most out of your woodfired pizza oven experience.


Example of food that can be cooked in a Clayworks Wood Fired Oven

Of course they are renowned as the perfect way to create magnificent wood fired pizzas, but it doesn't stop there. A Clayworks Wood Fired Pizza Oven opens up endless possibilities to display your culinary prowess.

Roasts, breads, seafoods, scones - in fact anything that you can cook in your conventional oven PLUS the wonderful aromas and tastes that only come from woodfired oven preparation. YUMMM!!!!!


Clayworks Wood Fired pizza ovens are a visual and entertainment feast. Enhance your home with a stylish woodfired pizza oven and enjoy the ambience of alfresco dining, that lovely scent of tasty treats cooking in a woodfire and the great lifestyle that only a Clayworks Wood Fired Oven can create.

The lure of the flames and the wonderful aroma of the burning wood creates an irresistible appeal that will quickly become the natural focal point of your parties and functions. It is no longer just cooking, it is a central part of the fun and entertainment when you have your own Clayworks Wood Fired Oven.

Pizzas are wonderful from a Clayworks Wood Fired Oven


A glass of wine, the perfect accompaniment for food from your Clayworks Wood Fired Oven

Clayworks Woodfired Ovens provides the full range of support and service that you expect from a quality supplier.

On the following pages you will find a wealth of information about our superb range of woodfired pizza ovens and accessories. We also have recipes, helpful advice and firing instructions to help you to get the best from your Clayworks Woodfired Oven.

We supply the equipment so that you can enjoy the lifestyle!

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