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History of Clayworks Australia

Clayworks has operated as a pottery supply company for over 28 years.  While the ownership may have varied the same pursuit of quality in both product and service has applied.

Clayworks has supplied potters with clay, raw materials, refractory products and equipment.  The supply of various types of kilns and refractory products provided the basis for the development of the wood fired ovens.  The same principals and materials apply to a wood fired pottery kiln as a wood fired oven, even though the kiln can fire to 1300°C slightly more than needed to cook your pizza.

During 2003 we decided that we would develop our own wood fired oven and after considerable product development we arrived at the SERIES 800 CLAYWORKS WOOD FIRED OVEN.  Which offers a number of benefits to the end user;

  1. Easily installed by two capable people, no need for fork lift trucks or cranes.
  2. Robust construction using high quality refractory materials able to withstand 1300°C and reinforced with stainless steel pins.
  3. Excellent geometry which means that fire management is simple and excessive smoke avoided.
  4. Large 800 mm cooking area.
  5. The complete unit including the stand can be purchased from the one supplier

Many of our extensive network of pottery supply distributors carry the wood fired oven which means that you are buying from people knowledgeable in kilns and refractory materials.

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