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About the Clayworks Wood Fired Ovens

Series 800 Wood Fired Oven

This Clayworks Wood Fired Oven is available in kit form either as a complete unit or as the individual components that the handy person needs.

Purchase the complete kit and receive everything you need to assemble your oven. 

The kit includes the:


The BASIC UNIT is a four part cast refractory form that when assembled creates the fire box (oven), choke and chimney support.  The fire box has an internal diameter of 800mm and a wall thickness of approximately 50mm.

Included are the:

  1. metal door
  2. sealing gaskets
  3. refractory cement
  4. double skinned 900mm high chimney with a cowl.

The highest quality cast refractory material has been used and it is rated to 1300°C. 


The REFRACTORY FLOOR provides the thermal heat sink and insulation below the oven.  Thermal mass is required for effective cooking.

The floor assembly includes:

  1. Fibre cement sheet.
  2. Refractory calcium silicate slab.
  3. Refractory bricks.


The REFRACTORY OUTER SKIN provides additional thermal mass whilst the inclusion of an air gap between the inner and outer shells reduces the surface temperature.  It is supplied as two cast sections. WARNING: if the Refractory Outer Skin is not used the oven must be rendered to ensure the surface temperature is reduced to a safe level.


A heavy duty SUPPORT STAND designed to carry the REFRACTORY FLOOR, BASE UNIT and OUTER SKIN.  The legs are recessed to allow a brick facade to be constructed.



To install your own oven will require two able bodied people and about an hour on a site that has already been prepared.  The steps are simple and detailed instructions are provided, in brief you will need to.

The steps are:

  1. Locate the Stand, ensuring that it is level.
  2. Install the Refractory Floor, in the following order fibre cement sheet, calcium silicate board and finally the refractory tiles.
  3. Locate the four sections forming the Basic Unit.
  4. Locate the two sections forming the Refractory Outer Skin.
  5. Install the chimney ensuring it is vertical.
  6. Light a small fire and gently warm the oven keep the fire going for several hours.



A range of Clayworks Wood Fired Oven accessories is available, including:

  1. pizza shovel
  2. ash rake
  3. log hook
  4. wire brush
  5. ash shovel
  6. refractory tiles, 300x300x50mm
  7. aprons
  8. gloves
  9. thermometers



When lighting the fire in your oven start with small pieces of dry hardwood, ensuring that it does not contain any preservatives, paint or other chemicals that could affect the food. 

Start a small fire at the front of the oven, under the chimney, to ensure that the chimney draws.  Slowly move the fire back into the oven.  It will take one to hours to heat the oven to cooking temperature.


Download this Wood Fired Oven General Information in PDF format