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About the Clayworks Wood Fired Ovens

Series 930 Wood Fired Oven

For those that are looking for a larger oven and are prepared to have a little more works done on site. The SERIES 930 is available in kit form, complete with precast components, ceramic fibre blanket and render. The kit can be easily assembled by a competent handy person with assistance to install the precast components.

Purchase the complete kit and receive the materials required to assemble your own wood fired oven.

The kit includes the:


The BASIC UNIT is a three part cast refractory form that when assembled creates the fire box (oven), choke and chimney support. The fire box has an internal diameter of 930mm and a wall thickness of 50mm.

Included are the:

  1. metal door
  2. sealing gasket
  3. high temperature silastic
  4. double skinned stainless steel 900mm high chimney with a cowl

The highest quality cast refractory material has been used and it is rated to 1300˚C.


The REFRACTORY FLOOR provides the thermal heat sink and insulation below the oven. Thermal mass is required for effective cooking.

The floor assembly includes:

  1. Fibre cement sheeting
  2. Refractory calcium silicate slab
  3. Refractory tiles


The RENDER includes a sheet of 25mm thick ceramic fibre blanket, a roll of aluminium foil, refractory render and stainless steel reinforcing needles. WARNING: the BASIC UNIT must be coated with adequate render to reduce the surface temperature to a safe level.


A heavy duty SUPPORT STAND, 1500 x 1200mm, designed to carry the REFRACTORY FLOOR, BASIC UNIT and RENDER. The legs are recessed to allow a brick facade to be constructed.



To install your oven will require two able bodied people and adequate skill to apply a coating of render. The steps are simple and detailed instructions are provided, in brief you will need to:



A range of oven accessories are available, including:



When lighting the fire in your oven, start with small pieces of dry hardwood, ensure that they do not contain preservatives, paint or other chemicals that could affect the food.
Start a small fire in the middle of the oven. It will take 1 to 2 hours to heat the oven to cooking temperature. Please note, the heating time will be extended if thicker layers of render are used or if the render contains moisture.


Download this Wood Fired Oven General Information in PDF format