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For The Handyperson

Any of the following components can be purchased:

  1. The Basic Unit
  2. Refractory Floor
  3. Refractory Outer Skin
  4. Support Stand

Allowing the Handy Person the freedom to create their own unique wood fired oven.

We suggest that at the least the BASIC UNIT and REFRACTORY FLOOR are purchased. 

Your own stand can be constructed from any material able to support the load, temperature and exposure to the elements.  We recommend that the design is approved by a suitably qualified engineer.

WARNING, if the Refractory Outer Skin is not used, the dome of the basic unit must be rendered to reduce the surface temperature to prevent burns and to maximise the heat available for cooking.

When rendering the basic unit we suggest that a layer of fibre glass insulation is placed on the dome and then two layers of aluminium foil.  A thick layer of render should be applied to the aluminium foil.  An extensive range of materials can be used for the render, including; vermiculite, silacast, fireclay, pottery clay, dirt, etc. These products are available from Clayworks Australia

download these handyperson notes in MS-WORD format