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The Complete Kit - Series 930 Oven

Purchase the complete kit and you will receive:

  1. The 930 Basic Unit
  2. Refractory Floor
  3. Refractory Render
  4. Support Stand
  5. Detailed Installation and Firing Instructions

With the complete kit two capable people can readily install the unit, provided they have the ability to apply the REFRACTORY RENDER . No need for a crane or forklift, the segments are suitable for two people to install. Alternatively, ask Clayworks for a quote on installing your oven.



A flat area 1.5 by 1.2 metres is required for the oven. We suggest that it is levelled with crushed rock, concrete, paver or similar surface treatment. An additional, cleared flat area is required in front of the oven to allow ready and safe access during cooking. Please check with your local fire authority.

To comply with local fire regulations it maybe necessary to clear all combustible materials from the area immediately adjacent to the oven and to have a water supply available.

Site preparation is not included in the scope of supply by Clayworks.



Installation is very simple and can easily be completed by two capable people. Follow the Detailed Installation Instructions included with the kit; the following is an overview of the procedure:

Included with the kit are:

  1. The Stand, 1500 x 1200mm
  2. Cement Sheet
  3. Insulation Board
  4. High Temperature Tiles

Each of the components is cut to size and ready for immediate installation.

To install the Support Stand:

  1. Locate the SUPPORT STAND on your prepared area in its final position, using a spirit level ensure that it is level.
  2. Place the Cement Sheet on the supporting rails of the stand. The sheet should fit snug and level, however, a 5mm gap along any edge is acceptable.
  3. Lay the Calcium Silicate Boards on top of the Cement Sheet.
  4. Place the High Temperature Tiles on top of the Calcium Silicate Boards.

Included with the kit are the cast segments of the Basic Unit, as shown:

Clayworks Wood Fired Oven components - part D
Clayworks Wood Fired Oven components - part E
Clayworks Wood Fired Oven components - part F
Part “D”
Part “E”
Part “F”

Plus the following items:

  1. Ceramic gaskets
  2. High Temperature Silicone
  3. Double skin flue, with Cowl.
  4. Door

PLEASE NOTE, when handling the cast segments we strongly recommend that heavy duty gloves are worn.

Clayworks Wood Fired Oven components - oven schematic

To Install the Basic Unit, start by placing Part E on the SUPPORT STAND, followed by sections F and D. Between segments E & F include the ceramic gasket.
Ensure the oven is centrally located on the base.


Lay the Ceramic Fibre Blanket over parts E and F and then the aluminium foil. Mix the ceramic render one bag at a time, remember to include the stainless streel reinforcing needles. Apply the render over the aluminium foil make sure the gap between parts D and F are sealed. Ensure that the mixing directions are accurately followed.

Cover the render with either with wet hessian or brown paper. Allow the render to cure for 24 hours and then remove the covering. Allow the render to dry for 48 hours before firing the oven.


Completing the Installation
To complete the installation:

  1. Place the cowl on the flue.
  2. Install the complete chimney into Part D, using a spirit level to ensure it is vertical.
  3. Seal the gap, where the chimney meets Part “D” using the High Temperature Silicone.
  4. Put the door in place.


The Oven is now ready for the fire to be lit; we recommend the unit be fired prior to using it to cook food.  Please refer to the firing instructions.

Download the Complete Kit document for the Series 930 Oven in MS-WORD format